{project V} Quick and Easy Valentine’s Day Rustic Flower Vase

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! 🙂

This project is perfect for last minute preparations for a dinner date at home.

All you need are empty wine bottles, paper doilies and a decoupage solution: equal parts of water and all purpose glue. Or you can use Mod Podge, too.

Let them dry completely and viola!

By the way, this craft project was inspired by this post from Craftiments.

Enjoy! 🙂




{project 50} #13 Rustic Beach-inspired Containers

Welcome back to my 50 Days till Christmas projects! 🙂

This is another green craft using brown-tinted medicine bottles and tin cans.

I have hot glued on some jute twine, seashells, pebbles and dried purple Statice (the flowers will fall off easily which is why you will have to use more glue to secure them.)

And it’s done!

Use these containers however you want. 🙂

I’ll see you here again soon.



{project 50} #19 Christmas Pebbles

Hello again to my 50 Days till Christmas craft projects! 🙂

What you’ll need:

~ clear glass pebbles used for accents in vases and aquariums

~ colorful Christmas gift wrapper

~ all purpose glue


Step 1 is to glue the glass pebbles to the decorated paper then let them dry completely:

Step 2 is to cut the papers accordingly and clean the edges at the bottom of the pebbles with a cutter:

Then you will have something like these:

Use these pebbles as an additional decor or accent to your Christmas table setup. Warning: they look like candies so better not use them around small children.

I’ll see you here again soon for more crafting projects! 🙂



{project 50} #31 Washified Painted Bottles

I was a bit surprised but extremely delighted on how this project had turned out. I was supposed to spray paint the bottles but I ran out of spray paints. *giggle*

What you will need:

Clean bottles and jars, pair of scissors, masking tape, acrylic paint (should be spray paint), and paint brush.

What to do:

I was aiming to do something like this:

But it didn’t happen. The white paint bled into the masking tape so I didn’t get clean lines when I removed the tape from the bottles. *sad* I should have used plastic tape or electric tape if I will be painting bottles again with a brush. I will try it next time. I am not giving up! 😉

Anyway, when I saw the unsuccessful result of my planned project I thought of painting over the gaps and make the whole bottle white. But then I saw my bunch of washi tapes and thought of a different design and concept for my painted bottles.


I hope you like them, too. I will see you here again soon! 🙂


P.S. The washi tapes I have used here are from my Bee Happy Crafts bunch.

{project 50} #44 Glittered Bottles

Hello again to my 50 Days till Christmas projects!


This is another easy craft project that you can try using these items:

You can use any kind and color of bottles and glitter powder.

Now, what you do first is to make a design on the outer surface of your bottle using the double-sided tape. You can make straight lines if you want a simple pattern or try different thickness of double-sided tapes for the lines, etc. I did a single chevron-like pattern.

Next is a tricky (and messy) part. I used a plastic sheet here for easier cleaning up. Carefully peel off the backing of the tape before dipping the bottle to the glitter powder. Brush of the excess glitter from the surface with a soft brush (your fingers will do if you do not mind the glitters sticking to your hands).

 Isn’t that easy? I hope you will try it, too!


I’ll see you here again soon. 🙂