{project V} Valentine’s Day No-Sew Fabric Flowers

{project V} is Valentine’s Day craft projects. I am starting off with an easy-to do, no-sew fabric flower inspired by this blog post from Homemade Gifts Made Easy.

For this particular fabric flower, I used the following materials:

~ fabrics of choice

~ a pair of pinking shears

~ glue gun & glue stick

~ complementing buttons or beads

See the illustrated instructions from this blog post and you will have something like these:

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! 🙂



{project 50} #01 Framed Rustic Christmas Tree

It’s Christmas eve! And here is my Christmas “tree”. 🙂

For this project, I reused an old frame and repainted it white. I have attached a jute string, shaping it like a Christmas tree.

Then I just added some Christmas ornaments, keeping it simple and clean. I also tried using the red fabric poinsettia as a topper.

Here’s to wishing you all a Merry Christmas! Cheers! 🙂



{project 50} #11 Hand-stitched Pouch

Here is another upcycling project using fabric scraps for my 50 Days till Christmas projects. 🙂

And since I do not have a sewing machine yet, I hand-sewn this using a simple backstitch.

I used buttons and ribbons for a “lock”. I would have sewn a zipper for this but I ran out of it so I improvised. 🙂

I think it’s “cuter” with the ribbons and buttons. What do you think?

I’ll be seeing you here again for another project! 🙂



{project 50} #14 Fringed Scarf Necklace

This is a bit different from what I usually post here for my 50 Days till Christmas projects. I saw this old and faded handkerchief/scarf from my stash of old clothes and knowing me I was hesitant to throw it away or use it as a rag. And I’m glad I didn’t. 🙂

I used a bunch of jump rings, a pair of craft pliers, a silver chain and strips of the old scarf. Knot the strips of fabric to the jump rings, attach on a chain and VIOLA!

A closer look to give you the idea. 😉

I will be posting more of this DIY jewelry and accessories projects real soon.

Come back for more! 🙂



{project 50} #23 Crochet Thread Tassels

We have lots of crochet threads left from our previous crocheting projects so I decided to make some tassels for my 23rd crafting project. 🙂

All you have to do is follow this instruction:

This is from the HeadHuggers. It is the easiest tutorial that I have found.

You can also attach jump rings to hold the top part of the tassel.

Like the previous 50 Days till Christmas project: paper feathers, tassels have an endless possibility of uses for decor and accessories.

I’ll see you here again soon for another crafting project! 🙂



{project 50} #25 Merry Christmas Mini-Bunting / Garland

It’s 25 days until Christmas! And to commemorate this day, I made this mini-bunting / garland for my 50 Days till Christmas projects. 🙂

I used a 2-inch wide, about a yard long green ribbon that has been lying around the kids’ room and nobody seemed to want to do anything with it.

This is a no-sew project, just use your glue gun but be careful in attaching the mini buntings to the string. I also used a colored permanent marker to write the words M-E-R-R-Y C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S.

I am planning to attach this on our front door.

I’ll be seeing you here again soon! 🙂