{project V} Quick and Easy Valentine’s Day Rustic Flower Vase

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! 🙂

This project is perfect for last minute preparations for a dinner date at home.

All you need are empty wine bottles, paper doilies and a decoupage solution: equal parts of water and all purpose glue. Or you can use Mod Podge, too.

Let them dry completely and viola!

By the way, this craft project was inspired by this post from Craftiments.

Enjoy! 🙂




{project 50} #27 Rustic Vintage Tin Cans

This is a crafting project that you can also use as part of a table setting / decor during weddings.

You will need the following materials:

Clean tin cans from canned tuna, paper hearts from old book pages, paper doilies (like the ones from this project), and jute twine (not shown in the photo above.)

Put them all together and you will have something like this:

I have added small red hearts using my heart-shaped paper puncher for that simple pop of color.

I hope you like them. I’ll see you here again soon! 🙂



{project 50} #29 Recycled Paper Gift Bows

Welcome back to my 50 Days till Christmas projects! 🙂

My #29th is inspired by this post.

Here are the materials that you need and the how-tos:

Glue the pieces together and you will have these:

I have made some paper “leaves”, too.

Try it! And I will see you back here again soon for another crafting project. 🙂


{project 50} #32 Black & Silver Ribbon Flowers

Welcome back to my 50 Days till Christmas projects! 🙂

I have this sparkly black and silver ribbon which I have bought some years back and it has been sitting in my box of ribbons for a very long time. I have used it before though, made myself a fabric belt with it.

But today I am bringing this sparkly ribbon back to life.

Remember the fabric yo-yos and the paper medallions? The instruction and process is a combination of both projects.

Here is a closer look of the stitches:

And here are the ribbon flowers with different buttons:

I hope you like them. And I will see you back here soon! 🙂



{project 50} #33 White Christmas Tin Cans

Here is another “green craft” for my 50 Days till Christmas project. 🙂

This is very easy to make:

I have already white-washed the tin cans with acrylic paint.

Remember the corrugated cardboard Christmas trees from this project? I used it here with a Christmas tree-themed washi tape. Put them all together and VIOLA!

I will be using those as tea light candle holders or Christmas candy holders for our party this December.

See you here again soon! 🙂


P.S. I bought the Christmas tree-themed washi tape from Paper Chic Studio.

{project 50} #38 Washi-fied Polka Dots Gift Tags

This is another easy-to-do project. What you will need here are Christmas-themed washi tapes (the translucent ones are better to use in this project), cardboard with polka dots detail (I recycled the ones I used here from a box of doughnuts — you know which one), and a jute twine (not shown in the photo below).

All you have to do is to stick your washi tapes and cut the cardboard according to your preferred design. Punch a hole and add some twine.

The small square ones have double-sided tapes at the back.

That easy, right? I will see you here again soon for another 50 Days till Christmas project! 🙂


P.S. I bought my Christmas-themed washi tapes from Bee Happy Crafts.


{project 50} #40 Recycled Paper Medallions / Rosettes / Pinwheels

 Paper medallions (some call them rosettes or pinwheels) are recently dominating the decorating and styling scene. It is very easy to make and it gives out a very whimsical vibe.

With this project, I used strips of paper from magazines, brochures, catalogs, book pages, art and origami papers.

The buttons are optional.

For detailed instructions on how to do paper medallions/rosettes/pinwheels, click HERE.

If you can see, I made some paper medallions with different edges, I used my craft scissors (the ones you see here) to cut the strips of paper. You may opt to use the medallions without putting buttons (or any circular thingy) at the middle.

This Martha Stewart video made me crave for edge punchers to add some beautiful texture and design to my paper medallions. (Oh, how I wish to receive at least one of those punchers for Christmas!)

I will be using these for our Christmas decor. 🙂

Enjoy making paper medallions!

I’ll see you here again soon! 🙂