{project 50} #01 Framed Rustic Christmas Tree

It’s Christmas eve! And here is my Christmas “tree”. 🙂

For this project, I reused an old frame and repainted it white. I have attached a jute string, shaping it like a Christmas tree.

Then I just added some Christmas ornaments, keeping it simple and clean. I also tried using the red fabric poinsettia as a topper.

Here’s to wishing you all a Merry Christmas! Cheers! 🙂




{project 50} #02 Poinsettia Wreath

Two more days until Christmas! 🙂

I have made this mini wreath from fabric poinsettias and a plastic lid of a bucket of chicken. *giggle*

To cover up the middle section of this piece, I printed a Christmas quote and placed it within the petals of the flowers.

Not bad for an easy-to-do mini wreath, right? 🙂


{project 50} #03 Christmas Wall Ornaments


Only three days until Christmas! I am sharing here another easy-to-do project to use as your wall decor.

First thing to do is make templates of ornament shapes using cardboard (I used cereal & cookie boxes here):

Then trace them at the back of a variety of Christmas gift wrappers (old or new ones), cut and paste them on your walls like wallpaper.

I used a silver non-permanent marker as “strings” for the wall ornaments.

I hope you like them. One more tip: to remove the wall ornaments just soak them with warm water using a rug, let it sit for a couple of minutes then wipe them off the walls.

See you here again soon! 🙂



{project 50} #04 Stamped Gift Wrappers

Four more days until Christmas! I bet we’re all busy wrapping our gifts at this time. This easy-to-do project is going to be a life saver when your wrapping and packaging papers run out. 😉

I am recycling these department store packaging papers from buying lots of stuff for gift-giving. Bring out the stamp pads and stamp collection and stamp, stamp, stamp away! 🙂

Come back here for more 50 Days till Christmas crafting projects!



{project 50} #06 Paper Christmas Garland

Hello again and welcome back to my 50 Days till Christmas projects! 🙂

I have given this particular garland to my son’s class adviser to use it as an addition to their Christmas decorations at school.

You can already string together these circles for a simple garland OR

write your Christmas message like so:

Visit this site again for more easy craft projects! 🙂


{project 50} #07 Recycled Paper Flowers (no. 2)

For my next easy-to-do project, I have made another batch of paper flowers using brown grocery bags.

Since I do not have my own circular and decorative punchers yet (about 1 inch in diameter and bigger) I draw my circles using a cardboard template then cut the circles away with regular and decorative pairs of scissors. If you have those circular and decorative punchers that I am talking about, good for you! 🙂

Next thing to do is fold the circles to make triangular ones then glue them together. I glued smaller paper circles for the middle part of the paper flowers. You can also glue some buttons, if you prefer.

Use the paper flowers as a gift topper when using printed gift wrappers.

Come back here again for another 50 Days till Christmas project! 🙂


{project 50} #15 Cardboard Mini Birdhouse

This project is very easy. Just print, cut and glue! 😉

To make the cardboard birdhouse, click HERE for the free printable template.

To make the cute little paper birdie, click HERE for the free printable decorated paper birds. (This site also has a template for a birdhouse, but I preferred to use the one I shared here since it is more open for customization.)

It’s so cute I’m going to make more of it! 🙂

I’ll see you here again soon.