Watercolor Weekend Getaway 2014: Flowers, Typography and Lettering

I have been hoarding purchasing a bunch of watercolor supplies, brushes and all, and been wanting to join a workshop about doing watercolor art for a couple of years now, but the ones I saw from online posts were kind of far away from my place. That’s why when I saw this poster from Vatel Manila‘s Facebook account about a watercolor workshop to be held in Tagaytay City, I immediately jumped in for a chance to join it. One, Vatel Manila will be providing the flowers for the workshop and I can’t wait to see the selection. I have always been a fan of Vatel Manila’s choices on flowers long before I have become his Administrative Assistant. I love, and I mean LOVE, his creations of wedding bouquets and event styling. Two, I’ll get to see Ms. Alessandra Lanot of Life After Breakfast in person. I only saw her from a guesting on Listed (a what’s in-and-what’s up TV show on the Lifestyle Network channel) showing Ms. Karen Pamintuan how to make art out of your simple doodles and also transferring those doodled images on fabric. I was very much fascinated and inspired by that episode. And, the best thing about it all is I get to join the watercolor workshop for FREE. *jumping and doing a Snoopy’s happy dance* Super thanks to Vatel Manila and Life After Breakfast! 🙂

Day 1, we did the watercolored flowers workshop.

Of course I took a LOT of photos of the flower selection. I love how the natural afternoon light from the glass window is peeping in.

Here they are in close-up and with their watercolored lettering labels made by Ms. Alessa while I was helping with the flower arrangement.

Here are the items included in the watercolor color kit provided by Ms. Alessa:

Here’s Ms. Alessa, teaching us the basics:

And here’s what happened when she said that we can go and pick our flowers that we wish to copy/paint using watercolor:

Yes, it was a riot but it was FUN! 😉

This is my bouquet, using leftover flowers from the riot (because I was busy taking photos):

Not bad, eh? The variety of colors of the flowers are really lovely and inspiring.

And so we started painting our flowers…

Some of us took a photo of our flower selection then Ms. Alessa made a photo print of it using her portable Canon Pixma printer. (I want one of those portable scanner-printers!)

I started by doing a light sketch of my bouquet to use as a guide. Spell newbie. Ha ha!

Then goes the underpainting process…

This photo was from Life After Breakfast blog. I took borrowed it because that was me trying to finish my work in time but failed. LOL

I finished my artwork at home and here it is! IMG_2690

Day 2, we did the watercolored typography and lettering workshop.

I love this new watercolor kit for typography and lettering from Ms. Alessa:

With these three primary colors, the possibilities are endless.

And the following photos are my newbie attempt in lettering with watercolors. Ha ha!

Barely doing some good lettering myself when Ms. Alessa announced that we will be making a postcard with a favorite or inspirational quote which later on will be given to another classmate before the end of the workshop. Waaah! *panic*

Conquering my fears, I made two simple postcards, written with two of my favorite quotes. Then Ms. Alessa scanned and printed copies of the postcards, using her portable scanner-printer Canon Pixma, for us to be able to keep the original postcards and give the printed copies to our “babies.”

And this beautiful postcard with a quote from Albert Einstein I got from my “mommy”, which is an architecture student:

I super duper agree to this quote! *giggle*

These are the colorful craftermath that we, my lefty seatmate and I, parted with after the workshop. Too bad though that we didn’t get to take home the little ceramic dishes because we thought that those belong to Taal Vista Hotel. Apparently it was also included in our kit for that workshop. Boo for us. 😦

Thanks to this watercolor weekend getaway I am now brave enough to create some watercolor artwork myself. I’ll be posting some of it soon. 🙂