{project 50} #32 Black & Silver Ribbon Flowers

Welcome back to my 50 Days till Christmas projects! 🙂

I have this sparkly black and silver ribbon which I have bought some years back and it has been sitting in my box of ribbons for a very long time. I have used it before though, made myself a fabric belt with it.

But today I am bringing this sparkly ribbon back to life.

Remember the fabric yo-yos and the paper medallions? The instruction and process is a combination of both projects.

Here is a closer look of the stitches:

And here are the ribbon flowers with different buttons:

I hope you like them. And I will see you back here soon! 🙂




{project 50} #33 White Christmas Tin Cans

Here is another “green craft” for my 50 Days till Christmas project. 🙂

This is very easy to make:

I have already white-washed the tin cans with acrylic paint.

Remember the corrugated cardboard Christmas trees from this project? I used it here with a Christmas tree-themed washi tape. Put them all together and VIOLA!

I will be using those as tea light candle holders or Christmas candy holders for our party this December.

See you here again soon! 🙂


P.S. I bought the Christmas tree-themed washi tape from Paper Chic Studio.

{project 50} #34 Circle Garland / Bunting

Welcome back to my 50 Days till Christmas projects! 🙂

My #34 is inspired by the fabric-on-embroidery-hoop wall art. I do not have a lot of embroidery hoops yet so I made this one from printed paper.

Use any circular template to trace and cut your paper.

Attach string at the back. Or you can opt to use double-sided tapes to attach the circles directly to the wall instead of hanging them on a string.

It really is that easy! 😉

See you here again soon!



{project 50} #35 Fabric Yo-yos

I was in first or second grade the first time I saw some fabric yo-yos. My mother was very much into making those at the time and I remember asking her what it was. Yes, my mother is a DIYer, too, and the biggest influence in my crafting life.

There are lots of video tutorials now on Youtube about “how to make fabric yo-yos”. The ones I made here have raw (unfinished look) centers because I am planning to put something in the middle (a button, most probably) before I use them on another crafting project.

What you’ll need:

~ fabric scraps

~ circular templates (I used a compass to make different sizes of circles. You can also use any circular object that you can find, e.g., jar lids, plates, and glasses. Just remember that the finished yo-yo will be twice smaller than the template that you will be using.)

~ pen or pencil

~ a sharp pair of scissors

~ needles and matching color of threads


Trace the templates to your fabrics and cut away.

For the fun (and addicting part):

Use a simple running stitch to gather the edges of the fabric to the center. For a finished center, fold 1/4in of the edge of the fabric into the wrong side (back side of the fabric) before stitching.

Tip: the larger the gaps between your running stitch will result into a closely gathered center and the smaller the gaps will result into a open gathered center. See the differences below.

I hope you will also try making some fabric yo-yos. You can use them in a LOT of crafting projects.

I will see you here again soon! 🙂



{project 50} #36 DIY Paper Doilies

I have always been fascinated with crocheted doilies since I was a kid; my grandmother (from my father’s side) is a very good crocheter. I consider her one of the great influences in my life for DIY projects. Besides her crocheted doilies, I also love her crocheted curtains, table cloths, blankets, shirts and dresses (I used to wear the dresses she made). I tried mastering the art of crocheting but it doesn’t seem to like me that much. Good thing that my daughter caught the crocheting genes of my grandmother.

Luckily for me, I can make paper doilies and in my own designs, too. So for my 36th project of my 50 Days till Christmas projects, I am showing you how to make your own paper doilies! 🙂

I like using origami papers because they are easier to fold and cut. Prepare your edge scissors and paper punchers, too.

Now, about the process of folding, cutting and punching, you can follow the instructions from here and here. But for me, I like to combine the two and add a few touches of my own to create a unique design.

First, the folding part:

Fold 1.

Open fold.

Fold 2.

Open fold.

Fold 3.

Fold 4.

Fold 5.

Now here comes the cutting and punching part:

Cut like so.

Open then punch away.

Use your scissors for added design by going back to the fold and cutting the sides.

And viola!

You can also go a little further on the design by using some craft punchers:

To have something like these:

Try it yourself! 🙂

I hope you like it and will see here again soon!


{project 50} #37 Origami Paper Cubes

Welcome back to my 50 Days till Christmas projects! We will be doing an origami project which I have learned from the Googly Gooeys.


You will be needing these:

Try to make the cubes in different sizes, too.

And all you have to do is follow the instructions illustrated here by the Googly Gooeys:

Attaching the top and bottom part can be a little tricky but you’ll get a hang of it. 😉

You can also choose to recycle some old magazines, brochures and newspapers as I have done here:

I hope you’ll enjoy making these super cute origami paper cubes!

See you here again soon! 🙂



{project 50} #38 Washi-fied Polka Dots Gift Tags

This is another easy-to-do project. What you will need here are Christmas-themed washi tapes (the translucent ones are better to use in this project), cardboard with polka dots detail (I recycled the ones I used here from a box of doughnuts — you know which one), and a jute twine (not shown in the photo below).

All you have to do is to stick your washi tapes and cut the cardboard according to your preferred design. Punch a hole and add some twine.

The small square ones have double-sided tapes at the back.

That easy, right? I will see you here again soon for another 50 Days till Christmas project! 🙂


P.S. I bought my Christmas-themed washi tapes from Bee Happy Crafts.