{project 50} #31 Washified Painted Bottles

I was a bit surprised but extremely delighted on how this project had turned out. I was supposed to spray paint the bottles but I ran out of spray paints. *giggle*

What you will need:

Clean bottles and jars, pair of scissors, masking tape, acrylic paint (should be spray paint), and paint brush.

What to do:

I was aiming to do something like this:

But it didn’t happen. The white paint bled into the masking tape so I didn’t get clean lines when I removed the tape from the bottles. *sad* I should have used plastic tape or electric tape if I will be painting bottles again with a brush. I will try it next time. I am not giving up! 😉

Anyway, when I saw the unsuccessful result of my planned project I thought of painting over the gaps and make the whole bottle white. But then I saw my bunch of washi tapes and thought of a different design and concept for my painted bottles.


I hope you like them, too. I will see you here again soon! 🙂


P.S. The washi tapes I have used here are from my Bee Happy Crafts bunch.


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