{project 50} #35 Fabric Yo-yos

I was in first or second grade the first time I saw some fabric yo-yos. My mother was very much into making those at the time and I remember asking her what it was. Yes, my mother is a DIYer, too, and the biggest influence in my crafting life.

There are lots of video tutorials now on Youtube about “how to make fabric yo-yos”. The ones I made here have raw (unfinished look) centers because I am planning to put something in the middle (a button, most probably) before I use them on another crafting project.

What you’ll need:

~ fabric scraps

~ circular templates (I used a compass to make different sizes of circles. You can also use any circular object that you can find, e.g., jar lids, plates, and glasses. Just remember that the finished yo-yo will be twice smaller than the template that you will be using.)

~ pen or pencil

~ a sharp pair of scissors

~ needles and matching color of threads


Trace the templates to your fabrics and cut away.

For the fun (and addicting part):

Use a simple running stitch to gather the edges of the fabric to the center. For a finished center, fold 1/4in of the edge of the fabric into the wrong side (back side of the fabric) before stitching.

Tip: the larger the gaps between your running stitch will result into a closely gathered center and the smaller the gaps will result into a open gathered center. See the differences below.

I hope you will also try making some fabric yo-yos. You can use them in a LOT of crafting projects.

I will see you here again soon! 🙂