{project 50} #36 DIY Paper Doilies

I have always been fascinated with crocheted doilies since I was a kid; my grandmother (from my father’s side) is a very good crocheter. I consider her one of the great influences in my life for DIY projects. Besides her crocheted doilies, I also love her crocheted curtains, table cloths, blankets, shirts and dresses (I used to wear the dresses she made). I tried mastering the art of crocheting but it doesn’t seem to like me that much. Good thing that my daughter caught the crocheting genes of my grandmother.

Luckily for me, I can make paper doilies and in my own designs, too. So for my 36th project of my 50 Days till Christmas projects, I am showing you how to make your own paper doilies! 🙂

I like using origami papers because they are easier to fold and cut. Prepare your edge scissors and paper punchers, too.

Now, about the process of folding, cutting and punching, you can follow the instructions from here and here. But for me, I like to combine the two and add a few touches of my own to create a unique design.

First, the folding part:

Fold 1.

Open fold.

Fold 2.

Open fold.

Fold 3.

Fold 4.

Fold 5.

Now here comes the cutting and punching part:

Cut like so.

Open then punch away.

Use your scissors for added design by going back to the fold and cutting the sides.

And viola!

You can also go a little further on the design by using some craft punchers:

To have something like these:

Try it yourself! 🙂

I hope you like it and will see here again soon!