{project 50} #40 Recycled Paper Medallions / Rosettes / Pinwheels

 Paper medallions (some call them rosettes or pinwheels) are recently dominating the decorating and styling scene. It is very easy to make and it gives out a very whimsical vibe.

With this project, I used strips of paper from magazines, brochures, catalogs, book pages, art and origami papers.

The buttons are optional.

For detailed instructions on how to do paper medallions/rosettes/pinwheels, click HERE.

If you can see, I made some paper medallions with different edges, I used my craft scissors (the ones you see here) to cut the strips of paper. You may opt to use the medallions without putting buttons (or any circular thingy) at the middle.

This Martha Stewart video made me crave for edge punchers to add some beautiful texture and design to my paper medallions. (Oh, how I wish to receive at least one of those punchers for Christmas!)

I will be using these for our Christmas decor. 🙂

Enjoy making paper medallions!

I’ll see you here again soon! 🙂



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