{project 50} #41 Corrugated Cardboard Christmas Trees


What you will need:

~ Christmas tree template

~ green corrugated cardboard

~ pairs of scissors and cutter

~ cutting board

~ glitter glue in silver and red

I made my template out of a scrap of brown cardboard.

I didn’t like wasting the cardboard so I made two templates.

 Trace the templates at the back of the corrugated cardboard:

Cut them out carefully. Yes, it can be a little tricky. 🙂


You will have something like this:

See those extra (kind of thinner) trees at the left? I told you I don’t like wasting a cardboard, right? Those came from in between those trees that I have traced.

Now, you can leave those cut trees as bare as it is and use them as you please. But this time I want them glittery! 🙂

Let them dry first before adding the second coat (of red glitters.)


I think I will be using them as gift tags, or Christmas ornaments, or a wall art. The possibilities are endless! 🙂

I will be seeing you again soon!




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