{project 50} #42 Recycled Paper Flowers (no.1)

It’s great to see you here again! For my #42 project, I have made these:

paper flowers no.1

Months ago, I have found this video tutorial of making paper flowers out of different kinds of paper by Ms. Jenniebellie, and I have been meaning to give it a try then, but I got a little busy. Not so busy today and so I have finally made it! 🙂

For this Paper Flowers no.1 project:

Below is my attempt to show you the how-to but you can always watch the video I have mentioned for more detailed instructions:

How to fold & cut.

To have more petals, try folding the paper one step more & also cutting it in another way.

Cut one petal off. Overlap the petals (the ones near the petal you’ve cut off) & glue them together.

This is what it will look like after you have glued the petals together.

Now, you can already stop there and just glue some buttons or balls of paper or pompoms at the center of the flowers, but not me. 🙂

I have also made smaller ones from plain gray and white paper to compliment the color of the pay slip papers I have used here. I glued the flowers like this to have some layering.

I hope you will try this recycled paper flowers, too, to use as Christmas decor. Use those cheap Christmas gift wrappers (like the ones I have used from a previous project) or use white, red and green colored papers.

See you here again soon! 🙂