{project 50} #44 Glittered Bottles

Hello again to my 50 Days till Christmas projects!


This is another easy craft project that you can try using these items:

You can use any kind and color of bottles and glitter powder.

Now, what you do first is to make a design on the outer surface of your bottle using the double-sided tape. You can make straight lines if you want a simple pattern or try different thickness of double-sided tapes for the lines, etc. I did a single chevron-like pattern.

Next is a tricky (and messy) part. I used a plastic sheet here for easier cleaning up. Carefully peel off the backing of the tape before dipping the bottle to the glitter powder. Brush of the excess glitter from the surface with a soft brush (your fingers will do if you do not mind the glitters sticking to your hands).

 Isn’t that easy? I hope you will try it, too!


I’ll see you here again soon. 🙂




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