{project 50} #45 Upcycle Plastic Popcorn Buckets

 Project #45 is another upcycling/recycling project using those popcorn plastic tubs or buckets that you have lying around after watching too many movies at home. *guilty*

In this project I used three main materials: plastic tubs or buckets, collection of seashells, and rolls of abaca fiber in different colors.

 I removed the labels from the plastic tubs to have a clean surface. With this brand of popcorn it is easier to remove the labels without soaking the tubs in warm water and some dishwashing soap. All I needed were my strong nails, thumbs, forefingers and lots of patience.

 You will also be needing a pair of scissors, a glue gun and glue stick to attach the abaca roll and the seashells to the plastic tub. Good thing that this tub is thick enough to resist melting from the hot glue.

 Here they are!


 I am thinking of giving these to those sea/ocean-loving people I know for them to use as storage or desk organizers.

Enjoy upcycling and recycling! 🙂