{project 50} #46 DIY Envelopes

Welcome back to my 50 Days till Christmas projects! This is my #46th:

I first made my own envelopes from way back in 1996 when writing and sending snail mails were THE thing. I was a collector of different designs and sets of stationery, from plain looking (solid colors) to elaborate and cute designs. Some of them I have bought, some I made myself and some from my penpals from way back. One day I will show them off here when I get a chance to unearth them from one of my boxes of stuff. LOL

For now, I will show you how to do it using these:

pages from old vanity, fashion & interior design magazines

I have made these from old envelopes made stronger by sticking them to cardboard, but the small ones were a product of my what-ifs. (Only because I do not like wasting a cardboard.)

 Now, I hope you can follow the process by looking at the images below:

place your templates on your desired prints & trace the outline with a pencil

use a glue stick like the one I have used here, it’s much easier to apply and will result to less wrinkly edges (Can you tell that I have learned from my mistake?)


You can make your own envelopes out of any kind of paper. Gift wrappers, colored papers, printed papers, book pages and origami papers are some of my favorites.


Enjoy making this project! 🙂




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