{project 50} #47 Cardboard Tube Flowers

This is more of an upcycling/recycling project which I have already made last year for our DIY Christmas decor. I was Googling some samples of recycled decor and stumbled upon this project. I just couldn’t remember which site I saw the inspiration.

The process is really simple. You need cardboard tubes from toilet paper rolls or kitchen towel rolls like the ones below:

 Cut the tubes horizontally like so:

Glue the pieces together to make a 5-petal flower:

And you’re done! 🙂

As you can see I have made some colored flowers, too, just like what I have made last year for the Christmas decor:

I used poster paints and some glitter glue for a hint of shimmer.

The white flowers I have made here for the {project 50} will be used for another project which I will later show you on this blog.

Enjoy making your cardboard tube flowers!