{project 50} #48 DIY Washi Tapes (Paper & Fabric Tapes)

Who loves washi tapes? I do! In fact, I have purchased a lot of it lately from some local online stores here in the Philippines and I still can’t seem to have enough. Washi tape addicts like me would understand. 😀

I was first exposed to the beauty and endless possibilities of washi tapes from Craftgawker. Good thing that I’ve found out where to buy them locally. (Or not.)

Washi tapes (or decorated masking tapes) can be pretty expensive to purchase here since those are usually imported from Japan and South Korea but fret not because I am going to show you a cheaper and easy way to “replicate” the look of a washi tape by making your own paper and fabric tapes.

These are the materials that you need:
Cheap Christmas wrappers OR any gift wrappers. (These are thin enough to pass for a “washi tape” look. You can buy it from our local wet & dry markets which are sold for Php3-5 each.)
Fabric scraps and ribbons.
Variety of scissors. (The ones showed here are for paper. You can use pinking shears for fabric.)

Double-sided tapes of different width and sizes. (I do not recommend those double-sided tapes with foam in the middle unless you wanted a 3D look for your tapes.)

This is what you need to do:

Carefully stick one side of your double-sided tape to the back side/wrong side of your chosen material. (I strategically placed my tape to the back of the paper since I only want some part of the print to become my washi tape design.)

Cut along the side of the tapes using your variety of scissors and you will have something like these:


*For more tips on how to make your own washi tapes with different materials and where to use them, visit and bookmark this LINK.

I will see you here again soon! 🙂



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