{project 50} #25 Merry Christmas Mini-Bunting / Garland

It’s 25 days until Christmas! And to commemorate this day, I made this mini-bunting / garland for my 50 Days till Christmas projects. 🙂

I used a 2-inch wide, about a yard long green ribbon that has been lying around the kids’ room and nobody seemed to want to do anything with it.

This is a no-sew project, just use your glue gun but be careful in attaching the mini buntings to the string. I also used a colored permanent marker to write the words M-E-R-R-Y C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S.

I am planning to attach this on our front door.

I’ll be seeing you here again soon! 🙂




{project 50} #26 Plastic Fork Snowflakes

This is an upcycle/recycle project perfect for the holidays. Things you need are a bunch of plastic forks and a glue gun.

A glue gun is a crafter’s friend. Next to a pair of scissors, of course. 😉

I have been thinking for a very long time of what to do with these plastic forks that we have collected from buying those instant cup noodles and some food delivery and take-out services. Then I saw some inspiration from different DIY snowflakes out there.

I will be attaching some strings and I will add these to our DIY Christmas ornaments for this year.

Come back here soon for more 50 Days till Christmas projects! 🙂



{project 50} #27 Rustic Vintage Tin Cans

This is a crafting project that you can also use as part of a table setting / decor during weddings.

You will need the following materials:

Clean tin cans from canned tuna, paper hearts from old book pages, paper doilies (like the ones from this project), and jute twine (not shown in the photo above.)

Put them all together and you will have something like this:

I have added small red hearts using my heart-shaped paper puncher for that simple pop of color.

I hope you like them. I’ll see you here again soon! 🙂



{project 50} #28 Washified Cardboard Table Napkin Holders

Hello again to my 50 Days till Christmas projects! 🙂

This is another super easy craft using kitchen paper towel cardboard tubes and Christmas-themed washi tapes like the ones I have used from this project.

Create your design using washi tapes.

It is that simple! 🙂

Paper rosettes / medallions are from this project.

I will see you here again soon for another crafting project!



{project 50} #29 Recycled Paper Gift Bows

Welcome back to my 50 Days till Christmas projects! 🙂

My #29th is inspired by this post.

Here are the materials that you need and the how-tos:

Glue the pieces together and you will have these:

I have made some paper “leaves”, too.

Try it! And I will see you back here again soon for another crafting project. 🙂


{project 50} #30 DIY Paper Laces

Here is another easy-to-do craft for my 50 Days till Christmas projects. 🙂

Remember the Paper Doilies? It has the same process except this one is much easier.

My palms are hurting a bit after this project but it’s all worth it! I will be using these paper laces in another project to be posted here soon.

I hope you will come back for more crafting projects!



{project 50} #31 Washified Painted Bottles

I was a bit surprised but extremely delighted on how this project had turned out. I was supposed to spray paint the bottles but I ran out of spray paints. *giggle*

What you will need:

Clean bottles and jars, pair of scissors, masking tape, acrylic paint (should be spray paint), and paint brush.

What to do:

I was aiming to do something like this:

But it didn’t happen. The white paint bled into the masking tape so I didn’t get clean lines when I removed the tape from the bottles. *sad* I should have used plastic tape or electric tape if I will be painting bottles again with a brush. I will try it next time. I am not giving up! 😉

Anyway, when I saw the unsuccessful result of my planned project I thought of painting over the gaps and make the whole bottle white. But then I saw my bunch of washi tapes and thought of a different design and concept for my painted bottles.


I hope you like them, too. I will see you here again soon! 🙂


P.S. The washi tapes I have used here are from my Bee Happy Crafts bunch.