{top 3} Reasons Why You Should Give Handmade Gifts

One-of-a-Kind & Unique
No one makes it exactly like how you do it. There is always that certain personalized touch that only you can deliver. We can find inspirations and learn techniques just like everybody else, but the customized sense of it makes the gift really special, particularly for that someone who has everything. They would appreciate the thoughtfulness and the beautiful surprise of a handmade gift.

Quality & Savings
It is very disappointing to purchase something out of the rack and then it easily breaks or looses a part or two before you give it as a gift or worse…that embarrassing moment of having the recipient of the gift open a box of a mutilated item. With handmade gifts, you determine the quality of your gift and at the same time saving your hard-earned money by purchasing raw materials yourself. Imagine the mark up of those items being sold commercially: the price of raw materials, labor, the cost of delivery, the fee of a middleman, and the display rack on a department store or boutique.

Sharing your God-given Talents & Skills
Creativity is rare in a world full of left-brained people. You got talent and skills? Share it! Giving handmade and personalized gifts are a two-way happiness road. You get the satisfaction and fulfillment of creating something special and unique then seeing them use it, and your recipients get the satisfaction of receiving and using a gift that was made for them and them only.

So shed off that doubt of giving a handmade gift. Go ahead and just do it! 🙂


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