Eclat de Mode Fashion Jewellery Trends Spring/Summer 2010

The air is buzzing with optimism and energy for the 2010 spring/summer fashion season. This is the season of the multi-faceted woman. She is ultra-feminine in “BLUSH”, multi-ethnic and cosmopolitan in “MIX ‘N’ MATCH”, techno-modern in “URBAN” and retro-romantic in “FARM”.

Fashion Jewellery Trends Spring/Summer 2010

Fashion Jewellery Trends Spring/Summer 2010
Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2010

A chic twist with underwear becoming outerwear – for the glamourous woman in touch with her modern sensuality.
Colours: soft tone-on-tones: Natural – Powder pink – Rosewood – Skin – Cloud – Cyclamen.
Silhouette: Satin bodice and camiknickers over a sheer, chiffon dress.
Materials: Chiffon ; Lace ; Satin ribbon ; Pearls ; Crystals ; Mother-of-pearl ; Feathers.
Jewellery: Strings of pearls and lace ; Mini pendants on silk string ; Bracelets with bows.

Exuberance and creat ivity, where ethnic motifs (wax prints, ikats , bat iks and tie-dye) are mixed together – for the bold, liberate d woman!
Colours: warm hues: Sunshine yellow – Orange – Red – Chocolate – Khaki – Indigo.
Silhouette: Khaki jacket worn over a tie-dye dress, and cycle shorts.
Materials: Leather ; Horn ; Wood ; Enamel ; Semi-precious stones ; Aged metal ; Snakeskin ; Feathers.
Jewellery: Sculptural or multi-string necklaces ; Arm cuffs and multi-material bracelets.

Contemporary urbanism – for the woman who is a mix of sporty, grunge and sexy and has plenty of “curve appeal”!
Colours: dark and smoky with vivid accents: White – Acid yellow – Bright orange – Light grey – Charcoal grey – Black.
Silhouette: Ultra-fitting trousers and waistcoat with patchwork top in graphic fabric and ankle-strap sandals.
Materials: Barbed leather ; Studs ; Metal ; Resin ; Perspex ; Lacquer ; Zips.
Jewellery: Large and chunky ; Breastplate necklaces ; Large cascade necklaces with intertwined chain ; Plaited leather bracelets ; Knuckleduster rings.

Bucolic freshness and charm – for the pretty young woman with a taste for retro, who loves the countryside and wild flowers.
Colours: fresh pastels: White – Straw – Petal – Almond – Sky – Denim.
Silhouette: A skimpy flounced dress in Liberty-type print or denim dungarees and white shirt, and floral-embroidered clogs.
Materials: Embroidery ; Linen ; Straw ; Leather ; Denim ; Glass beads ; Porcelain.
Jewellery: Chokers with floral and fruit motifs ; Long, multi-material necklaces ; Flower brooches ; “Butterfly” rings.



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